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« am: 19. Juli 2018, 09:04:15 »

Der Produzent Lorenzo di Bonaventura hat in einem Gespräch mit Den Of Geek über einen neuen Transformers Live Action Movie gesprochen.

“What’s interesting is we are talking about a movie that made $650 million, the last one. It’s not exactly dead. I think what we’re doing is we’re having a script written soon. We put it aside a little bit because we were all focused on Bumblebee, and that takes a lot of time and creative attention.

Now that we’ve come up for air, we’ve been meeting with writers and sort of formulating where we’re going to go with that franchise. We’re meeting with some of the most successful writers in our business, so they’re certainly not shying away from spending a lot of money on a script. Doesn’t mean we’re going to make a movie, but when you deal with studios, you get a sense of the current. My sense of the current is they absolutely want to make another one. They just don’t know how much they want to spend on it. That’s my sense of it.”

“It’s possible. I avoid the word “reboot” because I don’t think it’s really accurate, but I will give you a sense of how wide-ranging our thought process is. We have talked about a World War II movie. We have talked about a time travel movie because they can go through wormholes, so you can go to different timeframes from that. We have talked about a lot of different kind of genre concepts to put on it. We have talked about going later in the timeline. What would that look like?

All those things are swirling around at the same time, and we really haven’t settled on a writer, but I just got off the phone this morning, talking about this very thing and coming up with a take. It’s exciting to think that we could do something different.”



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