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Takara Tomy Transformers Studio Series Neuerscheinungen

TF-Real Movies Jetzt können wir euch die Liste zeigen, aus der hervor geht, welche Takara Tomy Transformers Studio Series Neuerscheinungen es von Januar bis April 2019 geben wird.

SS-19 WWI Bumblebee – Januar 2019
SS-20 Sideswipe – Januar 2019
SS-21 Decepticon Barricade – Januar 2019
SS-22 Crankcase – Januar 2019
SS-23 Rusty Bumblebee – März 2019
SS-24 Bonecrusher – März 2019
SS-25 Optimus Prime – März 2019
SS-26 Jetfire – März 2019
SS-27 Megatron – März 2019ybr> SS-28 Dropkick – März 2019
SS-29 Character B – April 2019
SS-30 Optimus Prime – April 2019
SS-31 Cogman – April 2019
SS-32 Decepticon Scrap Metal – April 2019
SS-33 Decepticon Rampage – April 2019
MPM-08 Neuer Charakter – April 2019

Takara-Tomy-Studio-Series-And-MPM-Listings-01 Takara-Tomy-Studio-Series-And-MPM-Listings-02

Quelle: Loopaza Megastore

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War For Cybertron Siege Deluxe Skytread

TF-Generations Hier haben wir neue Bilder vom War For Cybertron Siege Deluxe Skytread. Diese Figur ist eine moderne Version des G1 Duocon Flywheels.

01-Siege-Deluxe-Skytread 02-Siege-Deluxe-Skytread 03-Siege-Deluxe-Skytread 04-Siege-Deluxe-Skytread 05-Siege-Deluxe-Skytread 06-Siege-Deluxe-Skytread 07-Siege-Deluxe-Skytread 08-Siege-Deluxe-Skytread Skytread-Battletrap-Combinations


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Transformers Botbots - Erste Bilder

TF-Allgemein Heute können wir euch die ersten Bilder von den kommenden Transformers Botbots zeigen. Zur Produktinformation haben wir folgendes:


Not long ago and somewhere close by, a glowing mist filled with TRANSFORMERS energy called ENERGON came down from the sky and covered a shopping mall. The things inside came to life as little TRANSFORMERS robots! These bots can hide in plain sight as everyday objects, meaning no one knows what’s a bot and what’s not! Mischievous, funny, and super silly, these are… BOTBOTS!

Es gibt verschieden Charaktere, die man in Gruppen teilen kann:

“Sugar Shocks” (süße Leckereien)
“Backpack Bunch” (Schulausstattung)
"Toilet Troop” (Badezimmerartikel)
“Techie Team” (elektronische Geräte)
“Greaser Gang” (Fast Food)
"Shed Heads” (Gartengeräte)
“Jock Squad” (Sportartikel)

01-Transformers-Bot-Bots-Key-Art-Greaser-Gang 02-Transformers-Bot-Bots-Key-Art-Jock-Squad 03-Transformers-Bot-Bots-Shed-Heads 04-Transformers-Bot-Bots-Sugar-Shocks 05-Transformers-Bot-Bots-Techie-Team 06-Transformers-Bot-Bots-Toilet-Troop 07-401xxx-TRA-Bot-Bots-ALLBOTS-NLB 08-401xxx-TRA-Bot-Bots-Jocks 09-401374-TRA-Bot-Bots-Techie-Gang 10-401375-TRA-Bot-Bots-Shed-Heads 11-401555-TRA-Bot-Bots-Sugar-Shocks 12-401556-TRA-Bot-Bots-Toilet-Troop 13-401558-TRA-Bot-Bots-Greaser-Gang 14-401560-TRA-Bot-Bots-Backpack-Bunch 15-Transformers-Bot-Bots5-pk-Sugar-Shocks-1 16-Transformers-Bot-Bots5-pk-Sugar-Shocks-2 17-Transformers-Bot-Bots5-pk-Sugar-Shocks-3 18-Transformers-Bot-Bots5-pk-Techie-Team-1 19-Transformers-Bot-Bots5-pk-Techie-Team-2 20-Transformers-Bot-Bots5-pk-Techie-Team-3 21-Transformers-Bot-Bots5-pk-Toilet-Troop-3 22-Transformers-Bot-Bots5-pk-Toilet-Troop-4 23-Transformers-Bot-Bots8-Pack-1 24-Transformers-Bot-Bots8-Pack-2 25-Transformers-Bot-Bots8-Pack-3 26-Transformers-Bot-Bots8-Pack-4 27-Transformers-Bot-Bots8-Pack-5 28-Transformers-Bot-Bots8-Pack-6 29-Transformers-Bot-Bots8-Pack-7 30-Transformers-Bot-Bots8-Pack-8 31-Transformers-Bot-Bots-Blind-Box 32-TRANSFORMERS-BOTBOTS-Collection 33-Transformers-Bot-Bots-Logo


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Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys Transformers Siege Deluxe will all come in display boxes, check out Sideswipe and pre-order your figures here…/war-for-cybertron-siege.html


War For Cybertron Siege Deluxe Sideswipe

TF-Generations Jetzt können wir euch das Verpackungsbild vom War For Cybertron Siege Deluxe Sideswipe zeigen.



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Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys


44542871-2081171045236414-7014837911233232896-n 44593785-2081171298569722-6414803230198333440-n

Transformers Bumblebee Movie Prequel Comic – Trade Paperback

TF-Comics Hier ist die große Vorschau zum Transformers Bumblebee Movie Prequel Comic – Trade Paperback.

Transformers: Bumblebee Movie Prequel: From Cybertron with Love
(W) John Barber (A) Andrew Griffith (CA) Sara Pitre-Durocher
Fan-favorite Autobot Bumblebee is recruited for a top secret mission, and 1960s London won’t know what hit it when this robot in disguise goes undercover. It’s high-tech, high-octane, high-clearance spy hijinks in…. From Cybertron with Love.

Some call him Goldfender, but the name’s Bee… Bumblebee. On loan to MI6 and teamed with a human partner, Bee’s trapped in the middle of a Cold War plot to disrupt British Secret Intelligence. But when their base is destroyed from within, it’s up to Bee to discover if there’s a traitor in their midst…and, in the spy world, allegiances can change just as easily as a Cybertronian. Collects issues #1-4!

The official prequel to the new Bumblebee film, in theaters December 2018.

In Shops: October 24, 2018

SRP: $14.99

01-Transformers-Bumblebee-Movie-Prequel-From-Cybertron-with-Love 02-Transformers-Bumblebee-Movie-Prequel-From-Cybertron-with-Love 03-Transformers-Bumblebee-Movie-Prequel-From-Cybertron-with-Love 04-Transformers-Bumblebee-Movie-Prequel-From-Cybertron-with-Love 05-Transformers-Bumblebee-Movie-Prequel-From-Cybertron-with-Love 06-Transformers-Bumblebee-Movie-Prequel-From-Cybertron-with-Love 07-Transformers-Bumblebee-Movie-Prequel-From-Cybertron-with-Love 08-Transformers-Bumblebee-Movie-Prequel-From-Cybertron-with-Love


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Transformers Bumblebee Movie Interview mit Hailee Steinfeld und John Cena

TF-Real Movies Hier ist ein Interview mit Hailee Steinfeld und John Cena zum kommenden Transformers Bumblebee Movie.

Quelle: B&B Theatres

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Neue Angebote bei Gerrut Camaro

Gerrut Camaro

Available now!

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Neue Angebote bei TF Robots

TF Robots In stock now
- Transformers TCG Starterset:
- Transformers TCG Boosters:
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44326598-1914609621920135-5116033655650648064-n 44352431-1914609578586806-5200582126981873664-n 44360668-1914609658586798-5103980933741019136-n

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