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KFC Transistor und HiFi

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier haben wir die Bilder zum KFC Transistor mit HiFi. Dies ist eine andere Version wie die erste Auflage, die in glänzenden Farben gestaltet war. Jetzt kommt die Figur in matter Farbe. HiFi hat nun einen anderen Kopf und hat einiges an Zubehör.

Transistor 01 Transistor 02 Transistor 03 Transistor 04 Transistor 05 Transistor 06 Transistor 07 Transistor 08 Transistor 09 Transistor 10 Transistor 11 Transistor 12 Transistor 13 Transistor 14 Transistor 15 Transistor 16 Transistor 17 Transistor 18 Transistor 19 Transistor 20 Transistor 21

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VooDoo Robots PS-01 Salus

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Jetzt können wir euch eine Review zum VooDoo Robots PS-01 Salus zeigen.


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Combiner Wars Skylynx

30th Transformers 2014 Jetzt zeigen wir euch neue Bilder zum Combiner Wars Skylynx.

11988522 921433194609757 4998006064084572960 n 11990637 921217794631297 7170436424367067890 n 12279064 921217791297964 5784215497173767997 n Combiner Wars Sky Lynx 1 Combiner Wars Sky Lynx 4 Combiner Wars Sky Lynx 5

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GCreation Shuraking SRK-03 Wrath (Grimlock)

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier ist die Review zum GCreation Shuraking SRK-03 Wrath (Grimlock).

Quelle: Benscollectables

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Dx9 Toys War In Pocket Hulkie

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier ist eine Review zum Dx9 Toys War In Pocket Hulkie.

Quelle: Kuma Style

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IDW Comic The Transformers Heft 48

TF-Comics Hier haben wir die Vorschau zum IDW Comic The Transformers Heft 48.

CONQUERORS, part 3! It all comes down to this… the fate of the AUTOBOTS, the survival of the human race, and the existence of a post-war CYBERTRON depends on the two greatest heroes in TRANSFORMERS history: BUSTER the dog and D.0.C. the drone.

TF RID 48 1 scaled 800 TF RID 48 2 scaled 800 TF RID 48 3 scaled 800 TF RID 48 4 scaled 800 TF RID 48 5 scaled 800 TF RID 48 6 scaled 800 TF RID 48 7 scaled 800


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Transformers Robots in Disguise: Autobot World Tour Paperback

TF-Robots In Disguise Im Mai 2016 wird das Transformers Robots in Disguise: Autobot World Tour Paperback erscheinen. Bei kann man es jetzt vorbestellen.

Zum Inhalt:

After the Alchemor crashed on Earth, fugitive Decepticons were scattered across the globe. Only Bumblebee can recapture the villains. Luckily, he’s not alone. His new away team includes legendary Optimus Prime, Sideswipe, Windblade, and the mysterious Drift and his Mini-Cons, Slipstream and Jetstorm. But even with their combined might, will the Autobots away team be able to track down the bad guys before it’s too late?

The fifth chapter book in an exciting original series!

Want more Robots in Disguise? Then, open this book and find out more about your favorite heroes and villains in these original stories delving into the secret adventures of the Transformers!

Each book is an original story based on the hit series. Also, includes 2 amazing trading cards!
© 2016 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

Transformers Robots In Disguise Chapter Book 5 A

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TFSource – Black Friday Deals!


We’ve got two amazing deals, as well as we’ve brought back the countdown to Black Friday deals as well!

See all deals here:

TFSource – Black Friday Deals!


COMBINER WARS 2015 - TITAN CLASS – DEVASTATOR - $109- save 40.99!

MP-10 - MASTERPIECE OPTIMUS PRIME – REISSUE - $140 – save $49.99!

FP-DX ARMORED BATTALION - SET OF 3 - $75 – save $74.99!

Make Toys - MTCM-03 Quantron - Set of 5 - $250 – save $180!

TW-06B Devil Star - Purple Version - $80 – save $39.99!

Also don’t forget to check out our Spring Cleaning Sale HERE!

tfs countdown to bf fb all tfs countdown to bf fri tfs countdown to bf fri 2

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Takara Tomy Dark of the Moon Nightmare Megatron

TF-The Movie 3 Hier haben wir neue Bilder zum Takara Tomy Dark of the Moon Nightmare Megatron. Diese Figur ist ein Takara-Tomy Mall Exklusiv. Das Revenge of the Fallen Leader Megatron Repaint ist eine limitierte Edition.

Nightmare Megatron In Box Uy QJOHJ

Quelle: Action Robo

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Movie Advance Sideswipe

TF-Real Movies Jetzt können wir euch neue Bilder vom Movie Advance Sideswipe zeigen. Diese Exklusiv Figur wird es ab dem 28 November 2015 bei Toys´R´Us Japan geben. Ein weitere Vertrieb ist bis jetzt nur Robot Kingdom.

Movie Advance Sideswipe 1 Movie Advance Sideswipe 2 Movie Advance Sideswipe Car Movie Advance Sideswipe Robot


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Maketoys - Re:Masters Serie MTRM-04 Iron Will

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier haben wir neue Bilder zum MTRM-04 Iron Will aus der Maketoys Re:Masters Serie.

11047604 920990081320735 7084467514893199396 o 12265808 920990151320728 7976044882736069024 o 12278729 920990161320727 1693135762748986212 n 12278840 920990114654065 8793547455933752918 n 12291293 920990057987404 2867810851191528031 o 12291897 920990137987396 8560540667487036890 o 12304026 920990094654067 4697368688931603294 o 12304415 920990037987406 6906638059483660711 o 12307323 920990047987405 8409582850335574842 o 12307985 920990107987399 5030142705620660054 o 12313620 920990021320741 2562945373569677774 n

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E-Hobby Exklusiv Deadlock

TF-Allgemein Jetzt können wir euch das Cover des Comics vom E-Hobby Exklusiv Deadlock zeigen. Dieses Cover ist von Makoto Wakabayashi, der auch das Cover vom E-Hobby Grand Scourge Comic gemacht hat.

Deadlock Comic Cover


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Robots in Disguise Clash of the Transformers Megatronus

TF-Robots In Disguise Hier haben wir zwei neue Bilder zum Robots in Disguise Clash of the Transformers Megatronus. Dieser ist ein Toys´R`Us Exklusiv Weltweit. Die Figur hat eine Battlemaske.

Clash of the Transformers Megatronus Robot Clash of the Transformers Megatronus Tank


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Planet X PX-08 Asclepius

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Die 3rd Party Firma Planet X stellt jetzt ihr neues Projekt vor. Es handelt sich dabei um den Planet X PX-08 Asclepius.

Hello All!
While Vulcan is coming soon, here we bring you update of our upcoming product, PX-08 Asclepius!
He is armed with heavy weaponry including a shoulder cannon, sniper rifle and 2 2-barrel Gatling!
More info will be updated here!
Stay tuned!
Planet X

12265835 938811722852644 830071379493197456 o 12291036 938811752852641 3910361355480235379 o 12307385 938811746185975 1070001724351086047 o 12307520 938811716185978 3439517914067066668 o 12314380 938811749519308 9135399430695066929 o 12316312 938811796185970 4918617178041981639 n

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Headrobots - Infinitor Upgrade Kit

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier ist eine Review zum Headrobots Infinitor Upgrade Kit.

Quelle: peaugh

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