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Transformers 5 The Last Knight - Leader Optimus Prime?

TF-The Movie 5 Es sind Bilder aufgetaucht, wo vermutet wird das dies die Leader Klasse Figur Optimus Prime sein könnte von Transformers 5 The Last Knight, Hier die Bilder dazu.


14680596_1181487625250509_1304341363039511163_n 14732374_1181493968583208_8624411039333983950_n

Quelle: Planet Iacon

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Transformers Earth Wars - Shark Bait Event


Sharkticons have infested Aquatron and are now on Earth, the connection between these anomalous Crystals and the Sharkticons is undeniable!
Battle for Ocean Crystals and uncover their secrets! Just be sure you're not scrapped or blown up in the process…
Start Date: 21/10/16 10:00 UTCEnd Date: 24/10/16 10:00 UTC
How do I participate?
  • Reach Headquarters level 4
  • Tap the Event button!
  • Select an Event Battle Zone to fight in!
  • Win your battle and gather Battle Points!
  • Collect prizes!
  • Prestiges Allowed: 60
  • Bonus Experience: Earn Double XP in Event Battle Zones!
Ocean Amethyst contains Spark, Energon, Shark Attack Battle Boosts, 3 Star Crystal Shards or the chance to win a Flawless Ocean Amethyst which contains 100 4 Star Crystal Shards!

Twitter Competition

Win Blaster or Soundwave Crystals in this week’s Twitter competition!
Follow us on Twitter (@TransformersWar), retweet our Crystals post and let us know if Blaster or Soundwave were to make a song, what would it be?
We’ll award the five best answers with 3 Blaster or Soundwave Crystals and a 50% Energon and Alloy refill! Be quick as entries must be in by the end of Thursday!

Twitch Stream

Join us LIVE on Thursday October 20th @ 4PM UTC as we take a first look at week 3 of the Sharkticon Saga! Missed out on sharing your battle replay last week? Join us again this week and tell us about your best attacks to win a prize if we show your replay!

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Takara Tomy MB Serie Grimlock und Strafe

TF-Real Movies Hier haben wir neue Bilder zu den Figuren aus der Takara Tomy MB Serie Grimlock und Strafe.

14589953_833724086730192_7740230263278063734_o 14642111_833724063396861_3154533298440908489_n 14712522_833724060063528_622310357231798175_o 14717109_833724053396862_3207939089278017294_n

Quelle: &

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Takara Tomy Unite Warriors UW-EX Baldigus (Ruination)

Takara Tomy Takara Tomy bringt ein weiteres exklusives Unite Warriors Set heraus, den UW-EX Baldigus oder auch bekannt als Ruination aus der RID Serie. Hier ist das erste Teaser Bild dazu.

Unite Warriors Continues The Ruination Of Your F

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Toyworld Coneheads - Neue Bilder

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Wir haben hier neue Bilder zu den Toyworld Coneheads Seekern für euch.

14468554_1120228924730182_5250077417365576202_o 14595586_1191167474297437_8902164711109087938_n 14639605_1191167437630774_7003960908043280360_n 14657250_1191167370964114_7524597848752787685_n 14657510_1191167274297457_3984305117293833769_n 14671212_1191167430964108_4426312136594045914_n 14681891_1191167280964123_808228586876648154_n 14707906_1101930709892664_6714764146908105453_o 14718595_1191167487630769_1228273823449834075_n 14721537_1191167397630778_4405896427971546795_n 14725651_1191167524297432_8034532172299620130_n

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Neu bei NTF-Toys

NTF-Toys Neuer Wareneingang bei NTF-Toys:

Titans Return Voyager Sentinel Prime mit Autobot Infinitus…

Titans Return Fortress Maximus ACG Con Exklusiv…

Unite Warriors UW-08 Computron 5er Set…

Iron Factory IF EX-16 Pink Assassin…

Titans Return Leader Soundwave mit Soundblaster…

Titans Return LG-26 Deluxe Scourge…

Titans Return LG-29 Legend Wheelie mit Goshooter…

Titans Return LG-24 Legend Shockwave mit Cancer…

Combiner Wars Deluxe Protectobot Groove…

ACG-Con DSCN4376-1000x1000 DSCN4553 DSCN4556 DSCN4557 DSCN4558 DSCN4559 DSCN4560 DSCN4561 DSCN4562

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Asia Exklusiv Masterpiece Shockwave - Die-Cast Megatron

TF-Masterpiece Bei dem Asia Exklusiv Masterpiece Shockwave wird ein Set als Zubehör dabei sein. Es handelt sich dabei um eine Art Koffer, in dem ein Die-Cast Megatron ist. Die Waffe passt genau in die Hand von Shockwave.

die-cast-megatron-1 die-cast-megatron-2 die-cast-megatron-3

Quelle: Hobbybase

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Prime 1 Studio Ratchet

TF-Real Movies Jetzt zeigen wir euch neue Bilder zur Prime 1 Studio Ratchet Statue. Die näheren Details sind:

Ratchet Statue features:
– Approximately 26 inches tall (H: 65cm, W: 50cm, D: 35cm)
– LED lights up function on head
– Limited quantity worldwide

Edition size: 750

Retail price: $1199 US

– Prototype samples shown.
– Product details could be subjected to change without further notice.

Prime1-Ratchet-001 Prime1-Ratchet-002 Prime1-Ratchet-003 Prime1-Ratchet-004 Prime1-Ratchet-005 Prime1-Ratchet-006 Prime1-Ratchet-007 Prime1-Ratchet-008 Prime1-Ratchet-009 Prime1-Ratchet-010 Prime1-Ratchet-011 Prime1-Ratchet-012 Prime1-Ratchet-013 Prime1-Ratchet-014 Prime1-Ratchet-015 Prime1-Ratchet-016 Prime1-Ratchet-017 Prime1-Ratchet-018 Prime1-Ratchet-019 Prime1-Ratchet-020


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Kabaya DX Gattai Sets

TF-Allgemein Jetzt können wir euch neue Bilder zu den kommenden Kabaya Sets zeigen. Es sind die DX Gattai Sets und enthalten sind Super Ginrai und God Bomber, Star Saber, Victory Leo, Dai Atlas, Sonic Bomber und Roadfire.

kabaya1 kabaya2 kabaya3

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Transformers Revolution One Shot - iBooks Vorschau

TF-Comics Hier haben wir die kleine iBooks Vorschau zum Transformers Revolution One Shot Comic für euch.


THUNDERCRACKER AND BUSTER SAVE THE WORLD! A DECEPTICON who wants to be a screenwriter. A dog who wants to, I don’t know, eat stuff and chase squirrels or whatever dogs want to do. A White House under siege by DIRE WRAITHS. And the phone call that brings them all together.

14670906_10154131415543095_2653302379495427889_n Transformers-Revolution-1 Transformers-Revolution-2 Transformers-Revolution-3

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