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Artikel zum Thema: TF-Animated

Transformers Animated The Complete AllSpark Almanac

Hier haben wir eine Vorschau auf dem kommenden Transformers Animated The Complete AllSpark Almanac.

Then it hit me... there are numerous pages that aren't completely new but are a BIT new. New art, new context, new photos, integrated in with the existing material So, why not showcase them?

Then I thought, why not make it a game? The first person who replies in the comments who can correctly identify every difference will get a doodle of the character of their choice. 8 pages, (at least) 8 differences. Go for it!

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Transformers Animated The Complete AllSpark Almanac

Heute können wir euch das Cover zum Transformers Animated The Complete AllSpark Almanac zeigen. Er erscheint am 18. Februar und das gibt es zum Inhalt:

"It looks like The Complete AllSpark Almanac is just three short weeks away, with an ETA of February 18th at fine comic book stores everywhere. (Probably hitting Amazon shortly thereafter, available for preorder now.) Here's Marcelo Matere's beautiful cover for the book, with excellent Josh Perez colors. (Josh also lent his talents to some of the new bonus material inside the book.)

For those of you who missed our Radio Free Cybertron interview, this is going to be a massive, 472 page tome that combines The AllSpark Almanac, The AllSpark Almanac II, The AllSpark Almanac Addenda we put together for the Transformers Collectors' Club, and ten-ish pages of new content teasing more of what Season 3.5 might look like. We worked closely with Derrick Wyatt to ensure that the book was as close to 100% canon as possible, with all new material carefully vetted (and a bit of old material tweaked or recontextualized.) I hope that you all get a big kick out of this one. V1 and V2 are insanely hard to find and fetch ridiculous prices on the secondary market, so it's very nice to get this material back in print where everyone can get a copy."

The Complete All Spark Almanac cover Marcelo Ma

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Ein Wiedersehen mit Transformers Animated?

Heute hat Marcelo Matere einen Tweet verfasst, welchen viele Transformers Animated Fans freuen wird. Denn es kann sein, das es ein Wiedersehen mit der Serie gibt. Allerdings ist es wahrscheinlich, das es sich um ein Comic Buch, oder gar eine Comic Reihe handelt, denn Marcelo Matere hat damals schon an den Comics zur Serie gearbeitet. Sein genauer Tweet lautet:

"Working on Transformers Animated again. News soon!"

Transformers Animated Autobots Grou 1340114548 1

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Transformers Animated - The Complete Allspark Almanac

Nach langer Zeit mal wieder etwas zu Transformers Animated. Amazon hat jetzt neu gelistet Transformers Animated - The Complete Allspark Almanac! Hier die Infos dazu:

"The Allspark Almanac is a comprehensive, one-of-a-kind atlas to the amazing 2008 animated series universe. Discover behind-the-scenes secrets directly from the show's creators. This volume is packed with over 400-pages of full-color bios, character models, episode summaries, interviews, and more. Collects both original volumes into one book!"

  • Paperback: 440 pages
  • Publisher: IDW Publishing
  • Release Date: February 10, 2015
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1631402102
  • ISBN-13: 978-1631402104
  • Price: $28.00

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Transformers Animated komplett Serie auf DVD - Amazon Exklusiv

Hier ist eine Pressemitteilung von Tvshowsondvd über die komplette Serie Transformers Animated auf DVD. Diese soll als Amazon Exklusiv am 10. Juni erscheinen. Staffel 3 soll auch an diesem Tag kommen, aber sie wird auch in anderen Shops erhältlich sein.

Relive the Epic Adventures of This Classic
Animated TV Series in One Complete Set

The long-awaited third season of TRANSFORMERS ANIMATED is finally available on DVD! Fans of the popular TRANSFORMERS classic animated adventures can relive the excitement and action of OPTIMUS PRIME and his team of AUTOBOTS through the complete TRANSFORMERS ANIMATED series, including the never-before-released Season Three DVD, in one exciting home entertainment collection. From 2007-2009, TRANSFORMERS fans and kids were introduced to this high-octane action adventure series, which chronicles the brave AUTOBOTS as they seek to protect the ALLSPARK, their new adopted home Earth and their human friends from the Earth-bound super villains.

On June 10, 2014, Shout! Factory Kids, in collaboration with Hasbro Studios, will release TRANSFORMERS ANIMATED: THE COMPLETE SERIES on home entertainment shelves. This highly anticipated complete series box set, featuring all 42 entertaining episodes with special bonus content, finally arrives exclusively to Amazon.com in a collectible 6-DVD box set. Whether reliving the childhood memory or discovering this series for the first time, this collectible DVD set is a must-have for collectors and fans to complete their TRANSFORMERS home entertainment library. TRANSFORMERS ANIMATED: THE COMPLETE SERIES 6-DVD box set is priced to own at $34.99 SRP.

Also available to own on the same day is TRANSFORMERS ANIMATED: SEASON THREE 2-DVD set, debuting on national retail stores shelves for the first time from Shout! Factory.

Trapped on Earth, far from home and living in disguise, the brave AUTOBOTS must protect the ancient, all-powerful ALLSPARK from getting into the hands of the malevolent DECEPTICONS. As if their task weren't difficult enough, the team - led by the honor-bound OPTIMUS PRIME and including BULKHEAD, PROWL, RATCHET and BUMBLEBEE - must also protect Earth from its own nefarious super villains! Can this mere maintenance team live up to the highest standard of what it truly means to be AUTOBOTS?

Audio Commentaries with writer Marty Isenberg, director Matt Youngberg, voice director/voice of "ARCEE" Susan Blu, voice of "OPTIMUS PRIME" David Kaye, and character designer/art director Derrick Wyatt.

1400885553 1

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Shout! Factory bringt Transformers Animated Staffel 3 & Komplette DVD Box

Jetzt bringt die Firma Shout! Factory die dritte Staffel zu Transformers Animated heraus. Und nicht nur das: Es kommt auch eine Komplett Box dazu.

TFAnimated S3 Cover72dpi 1391266690 TFAnim CSCover72dpi 1391266022

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Transformers Animated Staffel 3 auf DVD

Jetzt endlich ist es soweit. Die dritte Staffel von Transformers Animated kommt auf DVD heraus. Die Firma Madman Films hat sich diesem Projekt angenommen., Wann es soweit ist, das können wir euch leider noch nicht sagen, aber wir halten euch auf dem Laufenden.

Madman Logo 1378900092 Transformers animated 1378900092

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BotCon 2012 - Animated Panel

Auf der BotCon 2012 läuft gerade der Animated Panel. Derrick Wyatt, der Macher von Animated spricht über die vierte Staffel, die nie gezeigt wurde. Wir haben hier eine Zusammenfassung von fullmetalhero.com:

Sari was to have remained on Cybertron as a student of Arcee’s. She would have learned how to be a Cybertronian during the early part of the season before having her powers unlocked by Ratchet later on. On Earth, the Headmaster would return having put together an entire “Masterforce” villain team – consisting of a Powermaster and a Targetmaster in addition to himself at the head of it all (forgive the pun). Prowl would have returned as a ghost able to possess others; he’d have served an Obi-Wan Kenobi-like role. In a flashforward episode, Galvatron would have been seen ruling a gutted Cybertron facing a resistance led by Bumble Prime; this would have all been after “The Unicron Wars”. Mr Wyatt would have loved to have introduced Metalhawk. Starscream’s clones would have gained individual powers with Slipstream perhaps leaving to form her own faction. Bluestreak and Smokescreen would also have been motorbikes. None of the cities – Fortress Maximus, Metroplex, Trypticon – were planned to transform. There was some discussion of Scorponok but he wasn’t sure whether to homage G1 or Beast Wars. The plan was to introduce Devastator in season four with Bulkhead being forced to form the core of him; Bonecrusher would have been a really angry character. Waspinator was to have become the enforcer for Blackarachnia’s Predacons (and they had hoped to have him voiced by Scott McNiel). A Shattered Glass episode would have been the result of a space bridge accident – all came about because he wanted to have Fanzone say “This is why I love machines!” Soundwave would have had a “full rock band” of minions, including Ravage, Frenzy and Rumble. Rattletrap would have come to Earth and assumed a vehicle mode, but would have ended up as part of the Predacons under Blackarachnia.

Transformers Animated Poster

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Kero Kero Ace bringt Legends Starscream Exclusiv

Vor einiger Zeit haben wir euch berichtet, das ein japanischer Comiczeichner ein neues Animated Comic heraus bringt. Dieses wird aber erst einmal in dem japanischen Comic Kero Kero Ace veröffentlicht. Jetzt können wir euch berichten, das es zu diesem Comic einen Starscream in Legends Größe als Exklusiv geben wird. Dieser ist in einem Grasgrün gehalten, eben so grün, wie der Frosch aus dem eigentichen Kero Kero Manga Comic. Hier haben wir ein kleines Bild dazu.


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Transformers Animated Electromagnetic Soundwave

Könnt ihr euch noch an den unveröffentlichten Transformers Animated Electromagnetic Soundwave erinnern? Wir haben euch dazu Bilder gezeigt. Heute können wir euch ein Video Review dazu zeigen.

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