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RID Episodenliste

Episoden: Englisch (Japanisch Car Robots)

1. Battle Protocol! (First Mission! Fire Convoy)
2. An Explosive Situation (A High Speed Battle! Gelshark)
3. Bullet Train to the Rescue (Unite! Bullet Train Robo)
4. Spy Changers to the Rescue (Ninja Robo - Spy Changers Go!)
5. The Hunt for Black Pyramid (Deadly Jump! Mach Alert)
6. The Secret of the Ruins (Gigatron's Revenge!)
7. Side Burn's Obsession (Speedbreaker's in Danger)
8. Secret Weapon D-5 (Mysterious Weapon! D-5)
9. Mirage's Betrayal (Counter Arrow's Betrayal?!)
10. Skid-Z's Choice (Out of Control! Indy Heat!!)
11. Tow-Line Goes Haywire (Parking Violation! Wrecker Hook)
12. The Ultimate Robot Warrior (The Ultimate Extreme! Buddha-Transformer)
13. Hope for the Future (Gigatron Reveals His Ambition!)
14. The Decepticons (Friend? Foe!? Black Convoy!)
15. Commandos (Quintuple Merge! Valdigus)
16. Volcano (En Garde! Two Convoys!)
17. Attack from Outer Space (Aiming From Space! Shuttler!!)
18. The Test (Awaken to Justice, Black Convoy!)
19. The Fish Test (Secret Strategy! Gelshark!)
20. Wedge's Short Fuse (Raging Warriors: The Build Masters!)
21. Landfill (Quadruple Merge - Build King!)
22. Sky-Byte Saves The Day (Gelshark Returning)
23. A Test of Metal (Target: Build Masters)
24. Ultra Magnus (Enter: God Magnus)
25. Ultra Magnus: Forced Fusion! (Mighty Combination: God Fire Convoy)
26. Lessons of the Past (Focus: New Warriors)
27. The Two Faces of Ultra Magnus (Body and Mind - Three Car Robot Brothers)
28. Power to Burn! (Double Matrix, Open!)
29. Fortress Maximus (Arise, Cybertron City!)
30. Koji Gets His Wish (JRX vs. Valdigus)
31. A Friendly Contest (Gelshark's Trap)
32. Peril From the Past (The Final Key? Sayonara, Ai)
33. Maximus Emerges (Stolen Plasma)
34. The Human Element (The Mystery of Brave Maximus)
35. The Mystery of Ultra Magnus (Gelshark's Blues)
36. Mistaken Identity (Black Convoy's Ambition)
37. Surprise Attack (Arise, Brave Maximus!)
38. Galvatron's Revenge (Devil Gigatron's Counterstrike)
39. The Final Battle (Final Battle! Fire Convoy)

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