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Neue Angebote bei TF Source

Red hot savings on select Transformers Masterpiece, War for Cybertron figures & more! Save $30 - $70 during the 4th of July sale. Ends Monday 7/4


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Neue Angebote bei The Collectors Bay


[01-Studio] 01B Cell

Preis: 399,00 Euro

VÖ: voraussichtl. Dezember 2022

Deadline: keine

Link: https://www.thecollectorsbay.de/p/01-studio-01b-cell


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Neue Angebote bei TF Robots

Transformers Buzzworthy Bumblebee Legacy Deluxe Terrorsaur


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Neue Angebote bei The Collectors Bay


[Mastermind Creations] Reformatted R-42 D-Zef

Preis: 199,00 Euro

Link: https://www.thecollectorsbay.de/.../mastermind-creations...

Transformers Flaschenöffner Autobots

Preis: 13,00 Euro

Link: https://www.thecollectorsbay.de/.../transformers...


[Kotobukiya] Transformers Bishoujo Optimus Prime

Preis: 199,00 Euro

VÖ: voraussichtl. April 2023

Deadline: 22.08.2022

Link: https://www.thecollectorsbay.de/.../kotobukiya...

291589013-546356573851887-6505031368640991636-n 290967894-546360987184779-2297181659163021178-n

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Neue Angebote bei TF Robots

In stock now @tf_robots
Transformers Legacy Blitzwing & Shockwave


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C.O.N.S. XII – Das Transformers Quiz

Am 7. August 2022 kann jeder Besucher der 12. C.O.N.S. am Transformers Quiz teilnehmen. Am Eingang bekommt jeder von euch einen Bogen mit einigen Transformers Fragen. Diese gilt es alle zu beantworten und den Bogen mit Namen wieder an der Kasse ab zugeben. Wer am Ende alle Fragen richtig beantwortet hat, ist Sieger. Bei Gleichstand allerdings werden alle mit der Selben Punktzahl auf die Bühne gebeten und dort gilt es dann Live Quizfragen zu beantworten. Wer dann die meisten Fragen richtig beantwortet, hat gewonnen.


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TF Generations Shattered Glass Collection Decepticon Slicer mit Exo-Suit

Heute können wir euch noch mehr Bilder vom TF Generations Shattered Glass Collection Decepticon Slicer mit Exo-Suit zeigen.

“Shattered glass Slicer and his Weaponizer Exosuit should find a spot in your collection, if you haven’t already, go preorder this cool team up to fill out your heroic decepticon army!

But wait, he is a good guy…bad guy…no…another reason to purchase this lovely bot an get a copy of IDW’s new comic issue from the Shattered Glass series.

As some may know, Im into the old TF toyline action masters, so when the opportunity came to do a SG version of our beloved Wheeljack, I had to take a look back at the fabulous Botcon rendition that I believe @artguy101 had a hand in making.

I really was on board with what they did but I really wanted to pay homage to how awesome transformers with vehicles or “exosuits” were, especially coming off of the great success of weaponizer’s in Siege, I felt there needed to be a marriage here.

You will also see some concept art where I used alot of inspiration from energon downshifts weaponry, as that was the og mold for the botcon toy.

Yuki san at TT made it really come to life by adding in the articulation aspect to the weapons.

You can also see how I first thought a custom built mech suit from Cog would of been the move but no no, a 6wd off road weaponizer vehicle won me over. Especially because I wanted my Black Zarak to sport a Transformable spear.

More soon my fellow cybertronians!! Enjoy!”

Transformers-Shattered-Glass-Slicer-01 Transformers-Shattered-Glass-Slicer-02 Transformers-Shattered-Glass-Slicer-03 Transformers-Shattered-Glass-Slicer-04 Transformers-Shattered-Glass-Slicer-05 Transformers-Shattered-Glass-Slicer-06 Transformers-Shattered-Glass-Slicer-07 Transformers-Shattered-Glass-Slicer-08 Transformers-Shattered-Glass-Slicer-09

Quelle: Mark “Markclonus” Maher

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Beast Wars Transformers Monopoly

Hier sind neue Bilder vom Beast Wars Transformers Monopoly für euch. Es gibt Optimus Primal, Rattrap, Cheetor, Megatron, Blackarachnia, Waspinator und Dinobot in beiden Modes.

Beast-Wars-Monopoly-01 Beast-Wars-Monopoly-02 Beast-Wars-Monopoly-03 Beast-Wars-Monopoly-04 Beast-Wars-Monopoly-05 Beast-Wars-Monopoly-06 Beast-Wars-Monopoly-07 Beast-Wars-Monopoly-08 Beast-Wars-Monopoly-09 Beast-Wars-Monopoly-10 Beast-Wars-Monopoly-11

Quelle: toysnowman.com

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IDW Comic Transformers Fate of Cybertron One Shot

Hier ist die große Vorschau zum IDW Comic Transformers Fate of Cybertron One Shot.

The Decepticons have the upper hand. Cybertron is falling. And Optimus Prime has an imploder-possibly the most dangerous Cybertronian-built weapon in history-to his head. This is the Autobots last stand. But what does triumph look like in a desperate situation? The War for Cybertron may end here, but the Autobots and Decepticons aren’t done yet!

TFS-2022-FOC-5-001 TFS-2022-FOC-5-002 TFS-2022-FOC-5-003 TFS-2022-FOC-5-004 TFS-2022-FOC-5-005 TFS-2022-FOC-5-006 TFS-2022-FOC-5-007 TFS-2022-FOC-5-008 TFS-2022-FOC-5-009

Quelle: Major Spoilers

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Masterpiece MP-52 Starscream 2.0 Coronation Teile

Hier sind die Bilder von den Masterpiece MP-52 Starscream 2.0 Coronation Teilen. Dabei ist ein Umhang und Teile um diesen zu befestigen. Dazu gibt es noch Feuer Effekte.

Masterpiece-MP-52-Starscream-2-0-Coronation-Parts-01 Masterpiece-MP-52-Starscream-2-0-Coronation-Parts-02 Masterpiece-MP-52-Starscream-2-0-Coronation-Parts-03

Quelle: Takara Tomy

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