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Transformers Kingdom Voyager Blaster, Deluxe Pipes und Deluxe Slammer

TF-Generations Jetzt zeigen wir euch neue Bilder von den Transformers Kingdom Figuren Voyager Blaster, Deluxe Pipes und Deluxe Slammer.

Things are ramping up over here on Transformers! We missed #TransformersTuesday, so Transformers THURSDAY it is! Check out the last 3 toy reveals for War for Cybertron: Kingdom – Deluxe Autobot Slammer, Deluxe Autobot Pipes, and Voyager Autobot Blaster and Autobot Eject. All figures COMING SOON to retail, so keep your (eyes emoji) peeled. #TRANSFORMERS #MTMTE #WFC #KINGDOM
Autobot Pipes is a partial tool of Huffer and is based on his G1 animation appearance featuring all-new head, waist, chest, tires, forearms, shoulders, and accessories. This figure converts to mini truck mode and comes with 2 pipe blaster accessories and a newly tooled cartoon-accurate head. The back cab even allows you to show off his Autobot emblem. Autobot Slammer is a heavy partial of Ironworks, featuring 5 new tools! This figure is based off the original 1986 Slammer toy that came with G1 Metroplex and converts to his classic tank mode. Autobot Slammer is also a weaponizer! Break the figure apart to equip other figures with missile launcher, chainsaw, and turret blaster accessories.
Autobot Blaster is inspired by his animated appearance in the G1 series and comes with his cassette tape, Autobot Eject. Autobot Blaster converts to boombox mode. The figure features detailed sculpt on the speakers, mini jetpack sculpt on its back, and side-to-side articulation on the front shin speakers. The Autobot Blaster figure’s finger is extended to press his spring-loaded eject button and automatically pop open his tape deck! Autobot Blaster comes with his classic electro scrambler blaster that Autobot Eject can hold.

01-Transfomrers-Kingdom-Voyager-Blaster 02-Transfomrers-Kingdom-Voyager-Blaster 03-Transfomrers-Kingdom-Voyager-Blaster 04-Transfomrers-Kingdom-Deluxe-Pipes 05-Transfomrers-Kingdom-Deluxe-Pipes 06-Transfomrers-Kingdom-Deluxe-Pipes 07-Transfomrers-Kingdom-Deluxe-Slammer 08-Transfomrers-Kingdom-Deluxe-Slammer 09-Transfomrers-Kingdom-Deluxe-Slammer

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Transformers Kingdom Voyager Blaster, Deluxe Pipes und Deluxe Slammer

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