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Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys

Hier ist der Juni Newsletter von unserem Sponsor Kapow Toys.
Der Versand ist für NTF-Archive User immer £8,50!
Roll up! Roll Up! the post AA stocks are now available so read on, maybe something will catch your eye

Transformers Generations

1) GDO Set of 4 Wheelie, Swerve, Springer & Cliffjumper - Transformers GDO Generations Deluxe Set of 4 - Kapow Toys

2) FOC Set of 3 Shockwave, Optimus & Jazz - Transformers Fall Of Cybertron Set of 3 - Kapow Toys

3) FOC Optimus - Transformers Fall of Cybertron Deluxe Optimus Prime - Kapow Toys

Transformers Prime RID

1) Wave 3 Hot Shot - Transformers Prime Deluxe Hot Shot - Kapow Toys

2) Wave 3 Vehicon - Transformers Prime Deluxe Vehicon - Kapow Toys - limited stocks due to case short packing

3) Wave 2 Voyager Bulkhead USA Box - Transformers Prime RID Voyager Bulkhead USA Box - Kapow Toys

4) Wave 2 Voyager Starscream USA Box - Transformers Prime RID Voyager Starscream USA Box - Kapow Toys

5) Weaponizer Optimus Prime - Transformers Prime Weaponizers Optimus Prime - Kapow Toys

6) Weaponizer Bumblebee - Transformers Prime Weaponizers Bumblebee - Kapow Toys

Transformers Prime First Edition

1) Bulkhead - http://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/transform...ead-p-5580.htm

Arms Micron

1) TFAM-07 Starscream - tfam-arms-micron-voyager-starscream-p-5859

2) TFAM-16 Jet Vehicon - TFAM-16 Arms Micron Jet Vehicon & Igu - Kapow Toys

3) TFAM-14 Vehicon - TFAM-14 Arms Micron Vehicon - Kapow Toys

4) TFAM-15 Darkness Megatron - TFAM-15 Arms Micron Darkness Megatron With Hades & Gora II - Kapow Toys

5) TFAM-13 Knockout - TFAM-13 Arms Micron Medic Knockout - Kapow Toys

6) TFAMW-01 Micron Gab - TFAM-W01 Arms Micron Gab - Kapow Toys

7) TFAMW-02 Micron Bal - TFAM-W02 Arms Micron Bal - Kapow Toys

8) TFAMW-03 Micron Dai - TFAM-W03 Arms Micron Dai - Kapow Toys

9) TFAMW-04 Micron G.L - TFAM-W04 Arms Micron G.L - Kapow Toys

10) TFAMW-05 Micron Baro G - TFAM-W05 Arms Micron Baro G - Kapow Toys

11) TFAMW-06 Micron Jida R - TFAM-W06 Arms Micron Jida R - Kapow Toys

12) Arms Micron EX Terrorcon Bumblebee ( shipping from Tuesday ) Transformers Arms Micron EX Terrorcon Bumblebee - Kapow Toys


1) Transformers MP10 Masterpiece Convoy - MP10 Masterpiece Convoy / Optimus Prime Transformers Figure - Kapow Toys


1) Asia Exclusive Sixshot - ( Shipping from Tuesday ) Transformers Asia Exclusive G1 Sixshot Reissue - Kapow Toys

3rd Party Unofficial

1) Fansproject TFX01 City Commander with upgrade kit - FansProject TFX-01 City Commander Armour - Kapow Toys

2) Fansproject TFX01B Shadow Commander - Fansproject TFX-01B Shadow Commander Upgrade - Kapow Toys

3) Knight Morpher Cyclops - Final Stocks! with mini sub - KM-03 Knight Morpher Cyclops - Kapow Toys

4) Rage of Hercules Kit - ( shipping from Tuesday ) TFC-007 Rage of Hercules Upgrade Kit - Kapow Toys

General Updates

1) Maketoys Green Giant - on its way to us this week after a slight delay at the Maketoys factory, only 7 units left so be quick! no import fee's and full uk customer support - Maketoys Giant Green Version Giftset - Kapow Toys

Any questions or queries just email us at contact@kapowtoys.co.uk just remember there is no response on a Sunday

Cheers for reading!


Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

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