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Alles zu unserer deutschen Transformers Fan Convention C.O.N.S. findet ihr hier!
Bitte nehmt euch etwas Zeit und lest das Regelwerk hier!

Viel Spaß!

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 am: Heute um 09:43:15 
Begonnen von Skywarp - Letzter Beitrag von Skywarp
Hier sind die offiziellen Bilder der Walmart Exclusiv G1 Transformers Toys Reissues.

Hot Rod

1531966689-walmart-2018-g1-reissues-01 1531966689-walmart-2018-g1-reissues-02 1531966689-walmart-2018-g1-reissues-03 1531966689-walmart-2018-g1-reissues-04 1531966689-walmart-2018-g1-reissues-05 1531966689-walmart-2018-g1-reissues-06 1531966689-walmart-2018-g1-reissues-07 1531966689-walmart-2018-g1-reissues-08 1531966689-walmart-2018-g1-reissues-09 1531966689-walmart-2018-g1-reissues-10 1531966689-walmart-2018-g1-reissues-11 1531966689-walmart-2018-g1-reissues-12 1531966689-walmart-2018-g1-reissues-13 1531966689-walmart-2018-g1-reissues-14 1531966689-walmart-2018-g1-reissues-15


 am: Heute um 09:37:26 
Begonnen von Skywarp - Letzter Beitrag von Skywarp
Hier ist das San Diego Comic Con 2018 Transformers Rescue Bots Toys Display.

1531964648-img-20180718-182047 1531964650-img-20180718-182003 1531964651-img-20180718-181959 1531964652-img-20180718-181951 1531964653-img-20180718-181943


 am: Heute um 09:32:25 
Begonnen von Nevermore - Letzter Beitrag von Skywarp
Hier sind die Bilder von der San Diego Comicon 2018 mit dem Bumblebee The Movie Toys Display.

Studio Series Deluxe 2-Pack Bumblebee Then & Now
Bumblebee Vol. 2 Retro Rock Garage

DSC09330 DSC09331 DSC09332 DSC09333 DSC09334 DSC09335 DSC09336 DSC09337 DSC09338 DSC09339 DSC09340 DSC09341 DSC09342 DSC09343 DSC09344 DSC09345 DSC09346 DSC09347 DSC09348 DSC09349 DSC09350 DSC09351 DSC09414 DSC09415 DSC09416 DSC09417 DSC09418 DSC09419 DSC09420


 am: Heute um 09:27:42 
Begonnen von Skywarp - Letzter Beitrag von Skywarp
Jetzt zeigen wir euch die Bilder von der San Diego Comicon 2018, auf denen man die Studio Serie Toys sieht.

Revenge of the Fallen Voyager Starscream
Voyager Ironhide
Deluxe KSI Drone (Lockdown mold)
Deluxe KSI Drone (Stinger Mold)
Deluxe Dark of the Moon Ratchet
Leader Blackout
Leader Grimlock
Voyager Brawl
Voyager Megatron

DSC09352 DSC09365 DSC09366 DSC09367 DSC09368 DSC09369 DSC09370 DSC09371 DSC09372 DSC09373 DSC09374 DSC09375 DSC09376 DSC09377 DSC09378 DSC09379 DSC09380 DSC09381 DSC09382 DSC09383 DSC09384 DSC09385 DSC09393 DSC09394 DSC09395 DSC09407


 am: Heute um 09:22:49 
Begonnen von Skywarp - Letzter Beitrag von Skywarp
Hier sind die Bilder der Transformers Prime Wars und Power of the Primes Toys von der San Diego Comicon 2018.

Prime Wars Deluxe Blast Off
Prime Wars Deluxe Repugnus
Prime Wars Deluxe Punch/Counterpunch
SDCC 2018 Bumblebee und Dino Kassetten
SDCC 2018 Optimus Primal w/ Throne of the Primes
Power of the Primes Deluxe Novastar
Power of the Primes Legends Outback
Power of the Primes Legends Cindersaur
Power of the Primes Bomb-burst w/ Megatronus
Power of the Primes Octopunch w/ Solus Prime
Power of the Primes Bludgeon w/ Quintus Prime
Power of the Primes Voyager Inferno
Power of the Primes Deluxe Blot
Power of the Primes Deluxe Sinnertwin
Power of the Primes Deluxe Cutthroat
Power of the Primes Leader Rodimus Unicronus
Power of the Primes Titan Predaking

DSC09353 DSC09354 DSC09355 DSC09356 DSC09357 DSC09358 DSC09359 DSC09360 DSC09391 DSC09392 DSC09396 DSC09397 DSC09398 DSC09399 DSC09400 DSC09401 DSC09402 DSC09403 DSC09404 DSC09405 DSC09406


 am: Heute um 09:16:52 
Begonnen von Skywarp - Letzter Beitrag von Skywarp
Hier haben wir die Bilder vom Transformers Movie Masterpiece Ironhideauf der San Diego Comicon 2018.

DSC09408 DSC09409 DSC09410 DSC09411 DSC09412 DSC09413


 am: Heute um 09:12:50 
Begonnen von Skywarp - Letzter Beitrag von Skywarp
Auf der San Diego Comicon 2018 wurden die Walmart Exklusive in der G1 Reissue Reihe gezeigt. Es sind:

G1 Contructicons Gift Set
G1 Bumblebee
G1 Starscream

DSC09361 DSC09362 DSC09363 DSC09364


 am: Heute um 09:08:42 
Begonnen von Skywarp - Letzter Beitrag von Skywarp
Hier haben wir die Bilder von der San Diego Comicon 2018 von den Cyberverse Toys.

One-Step: Soundwave, Bumblebee und Blurr
Scout: Bumblebee, Megatron, Slipstream, Optimus Prime und Windblade.
Warrior: Optimus Prime With Trailer ucid Storm, Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Shockwave und Windblade.
Ultra: Bumblebee und Shadow Striker.
Ultimate: Optimus Prime und Megatron.

DSC09386 DSC09387 DSC09388 DSC09389 DSC09390 DSC09424 DSC09425 DSC09426 DSC09427 DSC09429 DSC09430 DSC09431


 am: Heute um 09:04:15 
Begonnen von Skywarp - Letzter Beitrag von Skywarp
Der Produzent Lorenzo di Bonaventura hat in einem Gespräch mit Den Of Geek über einen neuen Transformers Live Action Movie gesprochen.

“What’s interesting is we are talking about a movie that made $650 million, the last one. It’s not exactly dead. I think what we’re doing is we’re having a script written soon. We put it aside a little bit because we were all focused on Bumblebee, and that takes a lot of time and creative attention.

Now that we’ve come up for air, we’ve been meeting with writers and sort of formulating where we’re going to go with that franchise. We’re meeting with some of the most successful writers in our business, so they’re certainly not shying away from spending a lot of money on a script. Doesn’t mean we’re going to make a movie, but when you deal with studios, you get a sense of the current. My sense of the current is they absolutely want to make another one. They just don’t know how much they want to spend on it. That’s my sense of it.”

“It’s possible. I avoid the word “reboot” because I don’t think it’s really accurate, but I will give you a sense of how wide-ranging our thought process is. We have talked about a World War II movie. We have talked about a time travel movie because they can go through wormholes, so you can go to different timeframes from that. We have talked about a lot of different kind of genre concepts to put on it. We have talked about going later in the timeline. What would that look like?

All those things are swirling around at the same time, and we really haven’t settled on a writer, but I just got off the phone this morning, talking about this very thing and coming up with a take. It’s exciting to think that we could do something different.”


 am: Gestern um 22:09:42 
Begonnen von Lucy - Letzter Beitrag von Skywarp


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