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C.O.N.S. - Die Deutsche Transformers Fan Convention

Studio Series Scavenger, Shockwave, Mixmaster und Megatron

Hier sind die offiziellen Bilder der Studio Series Figuren Leader Revenge Of The Fallen Scavenger, Leader Dark Of The Moon Shockwave, Voyager Revenge Of The Fallen Mixmaster und Voyager Transformers 2007 Megatron. Bei Shockwave sind Brains, Wheelie und ein Soldat dabei.

SS-Mixmaster SS-Movie-1-Megatron SS-Scavenger SS-Shockwave Studio-Series-Megatron-01 Studio-Series-Megatron-02 Studio-Series-Mixmaster-01 Studio-Series-Mixmaster-02 Studio-Series-Scavenger-01 Studio-Series-Scavenger-02 Studio-Series-Shockwave-01 Studio-Series-Shockwave-02 Studio-Series-Shockwave-03

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Generation Selects Nightbird und Powerdasher Zetar

Hier sind die offiziellen Bilder der Hasbro Generation Selects Figuren Nightbird und Powerdasher Zetar. Beide gehören zur Deluxe Klasse.

Selects-Nightbird-01 Selects-Nightbird-02 Selects-Nightbird-03 Selects-Nightbird-04 Selects-Nightbird-05 Selects-Nightbird-06 Selects-Zetar-01 Selects-Zetar-02 Selects-Zetar-03 Selects-Zetar-04 Siege-Nightbird Siege-Powerdasher-Zetar

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Transformers Cyberverse Staffel 2

Jetzt haben wir die Titel und die Inhaltsangaben der ersten 4 Episoden von Transformers Cyberverse Staffel 2.

Staffel 2: Episode 1: The Sea of Tranquility:

To save the earth from destruction, the Autobots must defeat the Decepticons on the Moon.

Staffeln 2: Episode 2: The Black Moon:

Starscream tries to take power on the Decepticons while the Moon heads straight for the earth.

Staffel 2: Episode 3: The Visitor:

While, in the Ark, one of Wheeljack’s inventions becomes uncontrollable, Bumblebee tries to figure out what he saw on the Moon.

Staffel 2: Episode 4: Your Target: Optimus Prime:

The Decepticons plunge into chaos following the unexpected arrival of an Autobot among them.


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Takara Generation Selects Nightbird und Powerdasher Zetar

Hier sind neue Bilder von den beiden Takara Generation Selects Figuren Nightbird und Powerdasher Zetar.


Alle Bilder sind unter Mehr.

Quelle: takaratomymall.jp

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Neu bei TF Robots!

In stock now @www.tf-robots.com
Ocular Max PS-13 Impetus


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IDW Comic Transformers Galaxies #01

Hier ist die Vorschau zum IDW Comic Transformers Galaxies #01.

In the series’ storyline, ages ago in the aftermath of the War Against the Threefold Spark, the mighty Constructicons emerged to assist in the rebuilding of the sentient robots’ devastated home planet in grand fashion. But exactly what happened to them in the intervening years, why had they been eradicated from Cybertronian history, and what have they been plotting for their unsettling return?

Transformers-Galaxies-Preview-01 Transformers-Galaxies-Preview-02 Transformers-Galaxies-Preview-03 Transformers-Galaxies-Preview-04 Transformers-Galaxies-Preview-05 Transformers-Galaxies-Preview-06 Transformers-Galaxies-Preview-07 Transformers-Galaxies-Preview-08 Transformers-Galaxies-Preview-09

Quelle: syfy.com

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Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

A nice little US exclusive has dropped into general stock, Transformers Cyberverse Slipstream! - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/…/transformers-cyberverse-warri…


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Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

Transformers MP44 Convoy / Optimus Prime is available to pre-order and due in stock the 1st week of September, mint and non mint box options are available, find them below! sadly he is a bit of a ripoff! for the price he really should be able to make his new owner a cup of tea on demand!

1) Transformers MP44 Mint - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/transformers-masterpiece-mp-44-…

2) Transformers MP44 Non Mint - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/…/transformers-masterpiece-mp-4…

69588804-2558501314170049-5120758720971669504-n 69684652-2558502090836638-973647950469136384-n

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Transformers Siege Impactor, Barricade, Mirage und Thundercracker

Hier sind die Verpackungsbilder von den Transformers Siege Figuren Impactor, Barricade, Mirage und Thundercracker.

1566486751-daim1 1566486751-daim2 1566486751-daim3 1566486751-daim4 1566486751-daim5 1566486751-daim6 1566486751-daim7 1566486751-daim8

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Transformers Cyberverse Power of the Spark Spark Armor Shockwave mit Solar

Hier ist eine Video Review vom Transformers Cyberverse Power of the Spark Spark Armor Shockwave mit Solar.

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