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C.O.N.S. IX - Interview mit Jack Lawrence und John-Paul Bove

C.O.N.S. Hier ist das Video des Interviews mit Jack Lawrence und John-Paul Bove auf der 9. Deutschen Transformers Fan Convention.

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Neue Angebote von Gerrut Camaro

Gerrut Camaro

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Neue Angebote von TF Robots

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IDW Comic Ankündigungen für Januar 2018

TF-Comics Hier sind die IDW Comic Ankündigungen für Januar 2018.

Transformers: Lost Light #14—Cover A: Jack Lawrence—SPOTLIGHT
James Roberts (w) • Brendan Cahill (a) • Jack Lawrence (c)
MACGUFFIN QUEST! The Scavengers have never had it so good. The war is a receding memory, their patchy service records have been forgotten, and the five of them can roam the galaxy as they please. All's well that ends well? Not quite. Because unbeknownst to Krok and Co., their next adventure... will be their last.
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Transformers: Lost Light #14—Cover B: Nick Roche—SPOTLIGHT
James Roberts (w) • Brendan Cahill (a) • Nick Roche (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
· Variant cover by Brendan Cahill!

Optimus Prime #15—Cover A: Kei Zama—SPOTLIGHT
John Barber (w) • Kei Zama (a & c)
“THE FALLING, PART 1!” Darkness falls over Cybertron as the legendary Onyx Prime returns. What does this mean for Optimus Prime—and the Earth? Windblade defends an already tense planet against a secret that could shatter Cybertron forever.
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Optimus Prime #15—Cover B: Casey W. Coller—SPOTLIGHT
John Barber (w) • Kei Zama (a) • Casey W. Coller (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
· Variant cover by Brendan Cahill!

Transformers Vs. Visionaries #2 (of 5)—Cover A: Fico Ossio
Magdalene Visaggio (w) • Fico Ossio (a & c)
Virulina, leader of the Darkling Lords, has discovered that the Transformers are vulnerable to magic—and now she's using that weakness to try and gain control of Cybertron and wipe them out! Leoric and Ironhide team up to stop her, but quickly find themselves facing not only the Darkling Lords, but all of New Prysmos itself!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Transformers Vs. Visionaries #2 (of 5)—Cover B: Philip Murphy
Magdalene Visaggio (w) • Fico Ossio (a) • Philip Murphy (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
· Don’t miss the vintage style cover by Philip Murphy!
· Variant cover by Brendan Cahill!

Rom & The Micronauts #2 (of 5)—Cover A: Juan Samu
Christos Gage (w) • Paolo Villanelli (a) • Juan Samu (c)
Trapped in Microspace! Everyone’s favorite Spaceknight becomes a “Microspace knight” as Rom and the Micronauts find equal footing. It’s up to the heroes of two universes to unravel the machinations of Baron Karza and the Dire Wraiths!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Rom & The Micronauts #2 (of 5)—Cover B: SL Gallant
Christos Gage (w) • Paolo Villanelli (a) • SL Gallant (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
· Is that romance in the air? No… AAH! It’s a swarm of flying monstrosities!
· Can our miniscule heroes beat an ever-growing threat?
· Variant cover by Jeffrey Veregge!

Scarlett’s Strike Force #2 (of —Cover A: Khary Randolph—CERTIFIED COOL
Aubrey Sitterson (w) • Nelson Daniel (a) • Khary Randolph (c)
Savage jungles, dinosaur fights, magic rituals, Kung-Fu, monster trucks, giant robots, weird science, strange villains and more—and it's only the second issue! Roadblock's team continues its hunt for the brand-new Cobra Commander as trouble brews inside of G.I. Joe's underwater base. By Aubrey Sitterson (G.I. Joe, Street Fighter x G.I. Joe) and Nelson Daniel (Clue, Dungeons & Dragons). No wonder people are calling it The Best Action Comic Ever!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Scarlett’s Strike Force #2 (of 8)— Cover B: Nelson Daniel—CERTIFIED COOL
Aubrey Sitterson (w) • Nelson Daniel (a & c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
· Featuring all-stars of the Hasbro line as M.A.S.K.: Mobile Armored Strike Kommand and the Transformers join G.I. Joe in the fight against Cobra!
· Variant cover by Vasilis Lolos!

Transformers Windblade: The Last City
Mairghread Scott (w) • Sarah Stone, Corin Howell, Sara Pitre-Durocher (a) • Sara Pitre-Durocher (c)
The original fan-made Transformer stars in her own series. She cuts straight to the truth and no obstacle is going to stand in her path. Windblade is a force for good, who never fails to do the right thing. But what happens when she's forced to work with Starscream to recruit new colonies to the Council of Worlds? Collects both the four-issue and seven-issue Windblade mini-series.
TPB • FC • $24.99 • 220 pages • ISBN: 978-1-68405-224-0

Bullet points:
· Advance solicited for February release!
· “This is not your average Transforming Robot comic book, this is so much more!”—Big Glasgow Comic Page

Transformers: Optimus Prime, Vol. 2
John Barber (w) • Priscilla Tramontano, Casey W. Coller, Kei Zama, Livio Ramondelli (a) • Priscilla Tramontano (c)
Explore the aftermath of Optimus Prime and his Autobots stopping an alien invasion of Earth. Diving into stories of war, peace, loss, regret, and redemption, this volume of Optimus Prime gives readers dramatic Transformers stories that spotlight the Autobots' present and past struggles while setting the stage for future surprises! Collects Transformers: Optimus Prime issues #7–10 and the Transformers Annual 2017.
TPB • FC • $19.99 • 144 pages • ISBN: 978-1-68405-131-1

Bullet points:
· Advance Solicited for February release!
· “In the end, this is a fantastic book for both old and new readers.”—Outright Geekery

Transformers: IDW Collection Phase Two, Vol. 7
James Roberts, John Barber (w) • Alex Milne, Andrew Griffith, Atilio Rojo (a) • Marcelo Matere (c)
MEGATRON assumes control of the quest to find the Knights of Cybertron—a quest that has never before been so urgent, so personal, and so likely to end in tears. But the crew of the Lost Light isn't so eager to follow his orders and, as is always the case, past decisions will come back to haunt them. Plus, The AUTOBOTS return to Earth—with OPTIMUS PRIME in command! But what is bringing them back—and what terrifying secret do the humans hold? And GALVATRON is on Earth as well, with a plan to reshape it as he once did with Cybertron. A bold new era begins here! Collects issues #28–34 of More Than Meets The Eye and #28–34 of Robots In Disguise.
HC • FC • $49.99 • 340 pages • 7” x 11” • ISBN: 978-1-68405-149-6

Bullet points:
· Advance solicited for March release!
· The IDW Collection gives completionists every last issue and makes sure beginners have everything they need to get started.

Transformers/G.I. JOE: First Strike
Mairghread Scott & David A. Rodriguez (w) • Max Dunbar (a) • Freddie E. Williams II (c)
A Hasbro Comic Book Event of epic proportions! The TRANSFORMERS are under attack from COBRA, G.I. JOE's greatest enemy! As Earth joins the intergalactic community, a massive explosion threatens the peace! A new COBRA—led by the worst villains to ever tangle with G.I. Joe, M.A.S.K.:Mobile Armored Strike Kommand, and the Transformers—is invading Cybertron, and only Scarlett, Optimus Prime, the Joes, and the Autobots can save two worlds! It's a race to the finish as good fights evil! Will our heroes win, or will Cobra DESTROY ALL TRANSFORMERS?!?
TPB • FC • $19.99 • 144 pages • ISBN: 978-1-68405-122-9

Bullet points:
· Advance solicited for February release!
· Featuring characters from everyone's favorite childhood cartoons and toys of the '80's battling it out in one shared universe!

Transformers/G.I. JOE: First Strike - Champions
Christos Gage, Aubrey Sitterson, John Barber (w) • Ilias Kyriazis, Chris Panda (a) • Sara Pitre-Durocher (c)
Your favorite characters—Rom, the Autobots, Micronauts, G.I. Joe, and more—get to shine in standalone stories setting up the ultimate Hasbro comic book event! First, with Cybertron under siege from Baron Ironblood, it's up to Optimus Prime and Arcee to defend their homeland, and the Revolutionaries team is caught in the middle! Then, back on Earth, Rom finds himself teaming up with the world's smallest heroes, the Micronauts! Can they prevent catastrophe, or is it already too late? And, with the team divided, G.I. Joe must confront dangers both in space and Earthside. Looks like they'll need some help from M.A.S.K.:Mobile Armored Strike Kommand!
TPB • FC • $19.99 • 144 pages • ISBN: 978-1-68405-123-6

Bullet points:
· Advance solicited for February release!

1508333214-rom-micronauts02-acvr-copy 1508333215-scarlettsstrikeforce-02-bcover-copy 1508333217-tf-ll-14-cvra-copy 1508333218-tf-op-15-cvrb-copy 1508333219-tf-op-vol2-cvr-prh-copy 1508333220-tf-windbladelastcitytpb-prh-copy 1508333221-transformersvisionaries-02-acover-copy 1508333222-transformersvisionaries-02-ribcover-copy 1508333694-firststrike-championstpb-cvr-copy 1508333695-firststriketpb-cvr-1400dpirgb-copy 1508333696-tf-idwcoll-phs2-vol7-cover-copy

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Movie Masterpiece MPM-5 Barricade

TF-The Movie 5 Nach den beiden Movie MPM Figuren optimus Orime und Bumblbebee kommt nun der dritte im Bunde. Es ist der Movie Masterpiece MPM-5 Barricade, zu dem wir hier Bilder haben.

60_A7_EE69-72_FA-47_A3-9_B44-881408219_A07 89_B0_C9_FC-_C6_E2-40_E3-8_C1_E-1_C89_F4_FBB39_A 8_A4_CA380-5332-43_A4-_BB6_D-00_C5_EE5_AA9_BD CE1955_B4-_EFED-458_C-_A7_F4-56775_D6_F8823

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Transformers Titans Return Serie - Hinter den Kulissen

TF-Allgemein Jetzt können wir euch das Video zur kommenden Transformers Titans Return Serie zeigen, indem ihr einen Einblick von hinter den Kulissen bekommt.

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Transformers Forged to Fight - Beast Wars Dinobot

TF-Games In das Transformers Forged to Fight Game kommt jetzt ein Beast Wars Dinobot. Hier sind die näheren Informationen.


Version 4.0 will be available October 18th with brand new features, improvements and fixes!
Megatron’s rise to power culminates in this chapter as the Scientist struggles to prove his value to his crazed leader. The Scientist offers his latest creations, further enhancing Megatron’s Sharkticons and legion of Transformers to carry out his maniacal ambitions. Can the Commander and his allies remove this terrible foe? Maybe with the help of some new allies…


Offensive Masteries:
Glass Cannon: Increases the Attack Rating of all your Bots, but lowers their maximum Health
Double Edge: Increases the Attack Rating of all your Bots, but they suffer a Bleed Debuff every fight
Despair: Enemies Repair less Health for each Debuff they’re suffering from
Suppression: Enemies suffering Stun trigger fewer abilities and Repair less Health
Stupefy: When your Bots inflict Stun, it lasts longer
Deep Wounds: When your Bots inflict Bleed Debuffs, they last longer and deal extra damage
Defensive Masteries:
Bleed Resistance: Any Bleed Damage your Bots would take is reduced
Shock Resistance: Any Shock Damage your Bots would take, such as Shock Debuffs, is reduced
Silica Plating: Any Heat Damage your Bots would take, such as Burn Debuffs, is reduced
Inhibitor: Enemies suffering from Shock or Stun generate less Power


Awakening Programs have been added, providing a way to activate a Bot signature ability without duplicating it
Signature Upgrades have been added, allowing the upgrading of a signature ability of an already awakened Bot


Bot statistics that increase from Upgrading and Forging are showcased more clearly
Alliance Missions will initially provide a recommended Map and Difficulty based on your Alliance
Editing the Alliance objective or description now supports changing the existing text
Tapping on a Relic during a raid will display additional information about it
Added a setting to refresh ‘don’t show again’ popups
The Fight menu has been updated to better showcase relevant Missions
The spark inventory now default sorts by class, and has new filter options for Mod and Alpha sparks
The Daily mission banner will update to showcase the relevant class each day
Tapping a player’s name on the Raid leaderboard will display their Commander profile
Clarification for what fight round of an Arena series you are in
Crashing during loading into Raids or Mission fights will no longer apply a health penalty
Fixed an issue that caused extra Bots from appearing in combat
Fixed a delay when Ramjet fires his Special 1 attack, along with other related delays
Crash fixes and optimizations



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C.O.N.S. IX - Live Review auf der 9. Deutschen Transformers Fan Convention

C.O.N.S. Hier ist das Video der Live Review von der C.O.N.S. IX.

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Fans Toys FT-20G Terminus Giganticus

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Die 3rd Party Firma Fans Toys bringt jetzt den FT-20 Terminus Giganticus nocheinmal heraus. Diesmal als Blau Schwarzes Repaint mit der Bezeichnung Fans Toys FT-20G Terminus Giganticus. So hat er das Schema der G1 Cybertronian Guardians. Beide Figuren kommen zusammen als Set heraus.



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