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C.O.N.S. IX - Tombola Preise von Gerrut Camaro

C.O.N.S. Unser Freund und Sponsor Gerrut Camaro wird auch in diesem Jahr einiges für die Tombola spenden. Auf dem folgenden Bild könnt ihr die Auswahl an Figuren sehen, die ihr am 8. Oktober 2017 auf der C.O.N.S. IX in der Tombola gewinnen könnt. Wir wünschen jedem Teilnehmer schon an dieser Stelle viel Glück.
Vielen Dank an Gerrut Camaro von gesamten C.O.N.S. Team.


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TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Every now and then, when the need arises, we pull out all the stops and produce a set for the ages. We're supremely proud of our latest epic project -- a label and parts set for TR Trypticon!
And the product shots here: ... ticon.html

We also have plenty more to offer for the TR line, including sets for Twin Twist, Misfire and Metalhawk: ... twist.html ... sfire.html ... lhawk.html

We have more alternate sets as well, beginning with a follow up to the Siren conversion set. This time, we're offering labels to convert TR Breakaway into Minerva!: ... nerva.html

And an alternate set for Broadside inspired by the USS Flagg: ... flagg.html

We now have extremely comprehensive sets for TLK Optimus and Barricade, that drastically enhance these figures: ... prime.html ... icade.html

On the third party side, we have a special surprise for you. Thanks to Ocular Max, each Vulture comes packed with a 50 percent off discount code, which we can share with you right now!
Use code RMX-03 to receive the discount. Check out the massive impact these sets make right here: ... lture.html ... zzard.html

We've also completed our set for KFC's Kinggorilla: ... rilla.html

TW Unearth and Bulldozer: ... earth.html ... dozer.html

Maas Toys Skiff: ... skiff.html

And DX9's Legends scale Skye: ... -skye.html


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Neue Angebote von Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys

New Transformers Movie 10th Anniversary pre-orders now available, check out the awesome paint job on Leader Megatron 

1) Nemesis Prime -…

2) Hound -…

21433217_1616724971681026_7485253243237162742_n 21462234_1616731615013695_1189284784832404135_n 21730856_1616726401680883_7188260392642801503_n 21740193_1616731741680349_4983477522868619593_n 21740320_1616731481680375_4715682715030216711_n 21740542_1616725825014274_1652491825809781191_n 21740600_1616726565014200_615695365151159519_n 21742835_1616725091681014_6705139807213287984_n 21752044_1616726108347579_17636695143339750_n 21752432_1616726205014236_4655686109920642781_n 21765072_1616725468347643_3452331739527463744_n 21765072_1616725568347633_6543056217625485221_n

Neue Angebote von Gerrut Camaro

Gerrut Camaro

The Last Knight Leader Class Optimus Prime, now for €49.


Neue Angebote von Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys

New pics of Missile Robo! does his head sculpt remind anyone else of Soundwave ?

Still available to pre-order here -…

New pics of Shuttle Robo, this guy looks like he should be guarding Buckingham Palace with a head like that!

Pre-orders available here -…

21728435_883755151781295_8927607139925815738_n 21740386_883758645114279_8062223858800405614_n

Imaginarium Art G1 Soundwave Statue

TF-Generation 1 Jetzt können wir euch Bilder zur kommenden Imaginarium Art G1 Soundwave Statue zeigen. Er kommt mit Laserbeak, Ravage und Rumble und in der exklusiv Version mit Ratbat und Frenzy.

Imaginarium-_Soundwave-1 Imaginarium-_Soundwave-10 Imaginarium-_Soundwave-2 Imaginarium-_Soundwave-3 Imaginarium-_Soundwave-4 Imaginarium-_Soundwave-5 Imaginarium-_Soundwave-6 Imaginarium-_Soundwave-7 Imaginarium-_Soundwave-8 Imaginarium-_Soundwave-9

Quelle: Imaginarium Art

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Neue Angebote von Gerrut Camaro

Gerrut Camaro New pre orders @ !

21740659_1869280653086485_4866272268424466784_n 21742921_1869280593086491_1750191672482089683_n 21752246_1869280733086477_1615837800683429351_n

Neue Angebote von TF Robots

TF Robots In stock now @

21731198_1476539142393854_6113500172416138945_n 21751265_1476474205733681_5570750920641393259_n

Neue Angebote von Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys

New arrivals & random re-stocks now available, NECA, Mastermind & Hasbro 

1) Calidus Asterisk - limited -…

2) Terraegis Rally - limited -…

21728299_1615084988511691_5102001849146970797_n 21730856_1615086718511518_4107520348320697760_n 21731633_1615085291844994_3711358541984157972_o 21739960_1615086041844919_1207554005904302205_n

Transformers The Last Knight One Step Cogman, Scorn und Drift

TF-The Movie 5 Hier ist eine Review von Transformers The Last Knight One Step Cogman, Scorn und Drift.

Quelle: Charles A Emanuele

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