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Neue Angebote bei TF Robots

TF Robots Generation Toy Guardian GT-08D Motor
Pre order @
Available for pre order
[Expected end of December]

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Transformers Generations Selects Deluxe Red Swoop und Ricochet

TF-Generations Hier haben wir die Bilder zu den beiden Transformers Generations Selects Figuren Deluxe Red Swoop und Ricochet.

Transformers Generations Selects:

Generations Selects is a fan-dedicated collection of figures featuring special edition, limited release versions of Transformers characters. They’re mail-order only, shipped in special packaging exclusive to this line. We launched this line for our fans to expand their collection and make it truly unique.

Power of the Primes Dinobot Red Swoop:

The original 1985 Transformers toy release of Swoop had red deco. TFans can get a Swoop with red deco inspired by the original G1 toy. You won’t find it in stores!

Power of the Primes Ricochet:

Ricochet deco is based on the 1987 Targetmaster, known in Japan as Stepper. It has the character’s classic flame deco, as well as sleek gold rims and gold accents.

Both figures are limited-release and mail-order only.

1543601996-red-1 1543601998-red-2 1543601999-red-3 1543602001-red-4 1543602003-rico-1 1543602004-rico-2 1543602006-rico-3 1543602008-rico-4 1543602010-rico-5 transformers-generations-selects-logo


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Neue Angebote bei TF Robots

TF Robots New pre orders available @
- Hasbro Deluxe Ricochet [Stepper]:
- Hasbro Deluxe Red Swoop:

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Bumblebee Movie - Transformers Mission Vision Figuren

TF-Real Movies Zum kommenden Bumblebee Movie kommen Figuren unter dem Titel Transformers Mission Vision heraus. Noch gibt es keine Information, welche Charaktere darunter erscheinen, aber wir haben schon mal sie Produktdetails dazu.

Name: Transformers Mission Vision
Code Name: Transformers Tra MV6 Mission Vision Figure AST
Hasbro Code: E3496
EAN Code: 5010993544288
Age: 5+
Product Dimension: 3.1 x 8 x 10 inches
Item Weight: 2.2 pounds



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3A - DLX Bumblebee

TF-Real Movies Jetzt können wir euch die Bilder von der 3A - DLX Bumblebee Statue zeigen. Die DLX-Serie bietet äußerst detaillierte Sculpts, unglaubliche Artikulation, LED-Augen und Die-Cast Teile. Sie ist kleiner und hat einen niedrigeren Preis als andere Versionen.

BBB-DLX-square-001 BBB-DLX-square-002 BBB-DLX-square-003 BBB-DLX-square-004 BBB-DLX-square-005 BBB-DLX-square-006 BBB-DLX-vert-001 BBB-DLX-vert-002 BBB-DLX-vert-003 BBB-DLX-vert-004 BBB-DLX-vert-005 BBB-DLX-vert-006 BBB-DLX-vert-007 BBB-DLX-vert-008 BBB-DLX-vert-009 BBB-DLX-vert-010 BBB-DLX-vert-011 BBB-DLX-vert-012 BBB-DLX-vert-013 BBB-DLX-vert-014 BBB-DLX-wide-001 BBB-DLX-wide-001-2 BBB-DLX-wide-002 BBB-DLX-wide-003 BBB-DLX-wide-004 BBB-DLX-wide-005 BBB-DLX-wide-006 BBB-DLX-wide-007 BBB-DLX-wide-008 BBB-DLX-wide-009 BBB-DLX-wide-010 BBB-DLX-wide-011 BBB-DLX-wide-012 BBB-DLX-wide-013 BBB-DLX-wide-014 BBB-DLX-wide-015 BBB-DLX-wide-016 BBB-DLX-wide-017 BBB-DLX-wide-018 BBB-DLX-wide-019 BBB-DLX-back-xray BBB-DLX-front-xray


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Tokyo Comic-Con 2018 – Takara Tomy Studio Series Display

TF-Real Movies Hier haben wir die Bilder vom Takara Tomy Studio Series Display, welches auf der Tokyo Comic-Con 2018 gezeigt wurde. Zu sehen ist Leader Studio Series Dark Of The Moon Megatron. Dazu sind Bilder von den folgenden Figuren zu sehen.

ROTF Leader Jetfire, Jetpower Optimus Prime
ROTF Constructicons Rampage und Scrapmetal, Voyager Bonecrusher
TLK Deluxe Cogman, Barricade, Sideswipe und WWII Bumblebee

01-Studio-Series-Dark-Of-The-Moon-Megatron 02-Studio-Series-Dark-Of-The-Moon-Megatron 03-Studio-Series-Dark-Of-The-Moon-Megatron 04-Studio-Series-Dark-Of-The-Moon-Megatron 05-Studio-Series-At-Tokyo-Comic-Con 06-Studio-Series-At-Tokyo-Comic-Con 07-Studio-Series-At-Tokyo-Comic-Con 08-Studio-Series-At-Tokyo-Comic-Con 09-Studio-Series-At-Tokyo-Comic-Con 10-Studio-Series-At-Tokyo-Comic-Con 11-Studio-Series-Barricade-At-Tokyo-Comic-Con 12-Studio-Series-Sidewipe-At-Tokyo-Comic-Con 13-Studio-Series-WWII-Bumblebee-At-Tokyo-Comic-Con 14-Studio-Series-Cranckcase-At-Tokyo-Comic-Con 15-Studio-Series-Optimus-Prime-At-Tokyo-Comic-Con 16-Studio-Series-Bonecrusher-At-Tokyo-Comic-Con 17-Studio-Series-Bonecrusher-At-Tokyo-Comic-Con 18-Studio-Series-Rampage-At-Tokyo-Comic-Con 19-Studio-Series-Shatter-And-Dropkick-At-Tokyo-Comic-Con 20-Studio-Series-Shatter-At-Tokyo-Comic-Con 21-Studio-Series-Dropkick-At-Tokyo-Comic-Con


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Takara MP-44 Optimus Prime V3

TF-Masterpiece Hier haben wir die Farbbilder vom kommenden Takara MP-44 Optimus Prime V3. Zu sehen ist auch das Zubehör, was die Figur mitbringt.

MP44-Prime-01 MP44-Prime-02 MP44-Prime-03 MP44-Prime-04 MP44-Prime-05 MP44-Prime-06 MP44-Prime-07 MP44-Prime-08 MP44-Prime-09 MP44-Prime-10 MP44-Prime-11 MP44-Prime-12 47322733-1964543746965358-7251724921183666176-n

Quelle: TFSource

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-44 Convoy 3.0 - Optimus Prime - Preorder Up!


We’ve just received information from Takara/Tomy on the MP-44 Masterpiece Convoy 3.0 preorder listing.   Pricing seems to have gone up a good bit, once we have more information on exactly what’s included, and color pictures we will update the listing accordingly as they said more info to come!

Preorders up at TFSource here:

MP-44 Masterpiece Convoy 3.0 / Optimus Prime is an all new remastered version of Optimus Prime, reflecting his more anime / cartoon styling! Convoy transforms from truck cab with tractor trailer to robot and back! Optimus Prime includes his energy rifle, trailer and more! Relive all the glory of the original G1 cartoon with this remastered and all new version of Optimus Prime! 

Set Features:
- 1 x Optimus Prime/Convoy 3.0 Figure 
- 1 x Tractor Trailer

reduced-galery-image-15492-30992 reduced-image-15492-106

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Takara Tomy War For Cybertron Siege Figuren

TF-Generations Hier haben wir eine Liste von den Takara Tomy War For Cybertron Siege Figuren die im Mai 2019 erscheinen.

SG-20 Pteraxadon – 900 Yen ($7.91)
SG-21 Red Heat & Stick out – 1800 Yen ($15.81)
SG-22 Chromia – 3500 Yen ($30.74)
SG-23 Prowl – 3500 Yen ($30.74)
SG-24 Soundwave – 5500 Yen ($48.31)
SG-22 Chromia – 3500 Yen ($30.74)


Quelle: Loopaza Mega Store

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Toyhax im November

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Toyhax's November release is here, and right on time to spruce up your newest black friday aquisitions!

Lots of sets for POTP this month! Starting off strong with a slick set for this double agent: ... punch.html

Did you love our upgrades for POTP Optimus? Then we're sure you'll love these labels for Nemesis Prime: ... prime.html

Wreck-Gar just isn't complete without his junkions. This trio of sets introduces Rubbish, and Trashcannon! Take a look: ... k-gar.html ... annon.html ... bbish.html

Our offering for Novastar features raised treads (with extras for Moonracer), Inferno inspired graphics and more! ... astar.html

The old CW Blast-Off felt obsolete now that the new one is around. We fixed that: ... edown.html

We're not done with the movie line! Check out this set for Studio Series Starscream: ... cream.html

Nothing says G1 cartoon like an MP Soundwave with one of these on him: ... ded-b.html ... ded-a.html

Symbols for dinobots: ... mbols.html

We went with quality over quantity for third party! 

The intriquacy and level of detail in these sets for MFT Huge Dragon and Iron Sentinel can only be compared to our set for Fort Max, or Trypticon: ... ragon.html ... tinel.html

Subtelty meets transformational in our new labels for MMC Magna: ... magna.html


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