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Toyhax Juni Update

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party We've never worked so hard on such a small pair of figures. Siege Lasebeak now has classic dual cannons, and his iconic G1 face, and Ravage's cassette mode looks like, well... a cassette! ... avage.html

Gen. Select's Ricochet small yellow flames just weren't cutting it for us. Take a look at our upgrades for him: ... epper.html

Check out our latest offering for UT Ragnaros, our set for Gahz'ranka: ... ranka.html

What's so special about this release?


Here you go Maketoys Downbeat, YOU get a cel shaded set! ... ndows.html

Nobody's paid attention to you in years MP-09 Rodimus Prime. Here's some brand new windows!!

We're not done! 3 design variants, and 2 colour options for all of you MP Coneheads out there! ... ype-e.html ... ype-d.html ... ype-f.html ... ype-d.html ... ype-e.html ... ype-f.html

Looking real sharp FT Tesla! Probably because of that new WINDOW!!! ... ndows.html

As for you, KFC Transistor, we've made 3 equally awesome variants for your chest window. ... haded.html ... d-csw.html ... urple.html

And you get a cel-shaded windows set, FT Phoenix! ... ndows.html

There's so many more! These are the rest of the figures we've covered: MP-22 Ultra Magnus, MT Gundog, XTB Savant, MMC Inventa, TW Devil/Evila Star, KFC Stratotanker, FT Apache and Rouge, FT Spindrift, MP SG Optimus Prime, FT Quietus, BC Brawny, BC Engineer Huff, IG Hench, XTB Paean and XTB Stax: ... haded.html ... g-csw.html ... t-csw.html ... a-csw.html ... r-csw.html ... r-csw.html ... e-csw.html ... t-csw.html ... e-csw.html ... s-csw.html ... y-csw.html ... f-csw.html ... h-csw.html ... n-csw.html ... x-csw.html

We've also made a neat set featuring cel shaded windows for MS Light of Freedom: ... eedom.html

And lastly, we've added labels for Studio Series Barricade and Jetfire to the site: ... icade.html ... tfire.html

Toyhax will have a booth at TFcon Toronto, the world`s largest fan run TF convention! Be sure to come by to say hi, and pick up a few label sets!

Name: Aaron Black
Company: Reprolabels Inc
Passcode: windsweeper


Iron Factory EX-38 Optics Hunter (Hound)

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier sind neue Bilder vom Iron Factory EX-38 Optics Hunter (Hound). Diese Figur ist eine Hommage an Hound.

ceb62630ly1g3p6dtqbxcj21hb0u04qp ceb62630ly1g3p6du4t41j20u016ve81 ceb62630ly1g3p6duczznj21hb0u01kx ceb62630ly1g3p6dva4tnj20u0119kjl ceb62630ly1g3p6dve0wjj21hb0u07wh ceb62630ly1g3p6dvfiagj20u018ab29 ceb62630ly1g3p6dvga6pj20u010lhdt ceb62630ly1g3p6dvimqjj20u00zkkjl ceb62630ly1g3p6dvsw29j20u011ghdt

Quelle: Iron Factory

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Unique Toys R-02B Dark Challenger (Nemesis Prime)

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Jetzt können wir euch die ersten Farbbilder vom Unique Toys R-02B Dark Challenger (Nemesis Prime) zeigen. Diese Figur ist ein Redeco von Unique Toys R-02 Challenger (The Last Knight Optimus Prime.

Unique-Toys-R-02-B-Dark-Challenger-01 Unique-Toys-R-02-B-Dark-Challenger-02 Unique-Toys-R-02-B-Dark-Challenger-03 Unique-Toys-R-02-B-Dark-Challenger-04 Unique-Toys-R-02-B-Dark-Challenger-05 Unique-Toys-R-02-B-Dark-Challenger-06 Unique-Toys-R-02-B-Dark-Challenger-07 Unique-Toys-R-02-B-Dark-Challenger-08 Unique-Toys-R-02-B-Dark-Challenger-09 Unique-Toys-R-02-B-Dark-Challenger-10 Unique-Toys-R-02-B-Dark-Challenger-11 Unique-Toys-R-02-B-Dark-Challenger-12

Quelle: Unique Toys

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DNA Design DK-11 Kit für Studio Serie SS-32 Optimus Prime & SS-35 Jetfire

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Von DNA Design kommt jetzt das Upgrade Kit für den Studio Serie SS-32 Optimus Prime und den Studio Serie SS-35 Jetfire & Jetpower Optimus Prime heraus. Es gibt mehrere zusätzliche Flügel, Teile, Gewehre, Düsentriebwerke, verbesserte Jetpower Optimus Prime-Füße und ein paar neue Hände für Jetfire.

01-DNA-Design-DK-11 02-DNA-Design-DK-11 03-DNA-Design-DK-11 04-DNA-Design-DK-11 05-DNA-Design-DK-11 06-DNA-Design-DK-11 07-DNA-Design-DK-11 08-DNA-Design-DK-11 09-DNA-Design-DK-11

Quelle: DNA Design

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Fans Toys FT-42 Hunk (Masterpiece Brawn)

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Jetzt zeigen wir euch die Bilder vom Fans Toys FT-42 Hunk (Masterpiece Brawn). Die Figur ist Cartoon akkurat.

Fans-Toys-FT-42-Hunk-01 Fans-Toys-FT-42-Hunk-02 Fans-Toys-FT-42-Hunk-03 Fans-Toys-FT-42-Hunk-04 Fans-Toys-FT-42-Hunk-05 Fans-Toys-FT-42-Hunk-06 Fans-Toys-FT-42-Hunk-07

Quelle: Fans Toys

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Neue Dr. Wu Waffen

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Jetzt können wir euch die Bilder zu folgenden neuen Dr. Wu Waffen Sets zeigen:

DW-P46 Magnum - Neue Teile für Leader Siege Ultra Magnus
DW-P47 Double Trouble - Neue Teile für Combiner Wars / Titans Return / Power Of The Primes Battletrap
DW-P48 Valkyrja - Neue Teile für Siege Chromia
DW-P49 Insect - Neue Teile für Combiner Wars / Titans Return / Power Of The Primes Insecticons

01-DW-P46-Magnum 02-DW-P46-Magnum 03-DW-P46-Magnum 04-DW-P46-Magnum 05-DW-P46-Magnum 06-DW-P46-Magnum 07-DW-P46-Magnum 08-DW-P46-Magnum 09-DW-P46-Magnum 10-DW-P47-Double-Trouble 11-DW-P47-Double-Trouble 12-DW-P47-Double-Trouble 13-DW-P47-Double-Trouble 14-DW-P47-Double-Trouble 15-DW-P47-Double-Trouble 16-DW-P47-Double-Trouble 17-DW-P47-Double-Trouble 18-DW-P48-Valkyrja 19-DW-P48-Valkyrja 20-DW-P48-Valkyrja 21-DW-P48-Valkyrja 22-DW-P48-Valkyrja 23-DW-P48-Valkyrja 24-DW-P48-Valkyrja 25-DW-P48-Valkyrja 26-DW-P48-Valkyrja 27-DW-P49-Insect 28-DW-P49-Insect 29-DW-P49-Insect 30-DW-P49-Insect 31-DW-P49-Insect 32-DW-P49-Insect 33-DW-P49-Insect 34-DW-P49-Insect 35-DW-P49-Insect

Quelle: Dr. Wu

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Fans Toys FT-41 Sheridan und FT-30C Goose

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Jetzt können wir euch die neuen Bilder von den beiden Fans Toys Figuren FT-41 Sheridan und FT-30C Goose zeigen. Sheridan ist eine Hommage an Masterpiece Warpath. Goose ist eine Hommage an Masterpiece G1 Skydive und gehört zu einem Combiner.

Fans-Toys-FT-30-C-Goose-01 Fans-Toys-FT-30-C-Goose-02 Fans-Toys-FT-30-C-Goose-03 Fans-Toys-FT-30-C-Goose-04 Fans-Toys-FT-30-C-Goose-05 Fans-Toys-FT-30-C-Goose-06 Fans-Toys-FT-30-C-Goose-07 Fans-Toys-FT-30-C-Goose-08 Fans-Toys-FT-30-C-Goose-09 Fans-Toys-FT-30-C-Goose-10 Fans-Toys-FT-41-Sheridan-01 Fans-Toys-FT-41-Sheridan-02 Fans-Toys-FT-41-Sheridan-03 Fans-Toys-FT-41-Sheridan-04

Quelle: Fans Toys

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DNA Design DK-12 Upgrade Kit für Masterpiece Movie MPM-6 Ironhide

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier sind die Bilder vom DNA Design DK-12 Upgrade Kit, welches für den Masterpiece Movie MPM-6 Ironhide ist. Dieses neue Kit bringt uns einige zusätzliche Waffen und Messer, aber es bringt uns auch zusätzliche Teile, die die losen Schultern zu verbessern scheinen.


Quelle: DNA Design

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Toyhax Mai 2019 Update

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party We're starting this release off strong! Missiles, police details and more for Siege Prowl, as well as an excellent conversion turining him into Autotrooper: ... prowl.html ... ooper.html

Continuing with Siege, we've got sets for Ironhide, Chromia and Sixgun: ... nhide.html ... romia.html ... ixgun.html

Are you a fan of the little things in life? Well, we are. So we made a great little set for the Siege Rescue and Battle Patrols: ... atrol.html

Sometimes we're good at making things people didn't know they wanted. Like, for instance, a Bulkhead conversion (with a part!) for Siege Hound: ... khead.html

As promised, we are continuing strong with Studio Series! We paid close attention to detail with this SS Ratchet, and made a cool double set for Crankcase and Crowbar: ... tchet.html ... owbar.html

We've got lots more to offer in the cel-shading department! We've finally covered MP Ironhide and Ratchet, as well as FT Hoodlum, and the Prowl + variant. ... indows.htm ... haded.html ... -plus.html

Last, but definitely not least, this long awaited set for DNA Design's POTP Predaking Upgrade will at last complete your gestalt: ... aking.html


Toyworld TW-F09 Freedom Leader

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier sind die Prototyp Bilder vom kommenden Toyworld TW-F09 Freedom Leader. Er ist eine Hommage an den Optimus Prime aus dem Bumblebee Movie.


Quelle: Toyworld

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