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Wird Prime tatsächlich sterben?!

TF-The Movie 2 Auf Transformerslive.blogspot ist ein sehr netter Fund aufgetaucht.


Dort wird von dem User -=boM=- (übrigens ein Statist der US NAVY) folgendes geschrieben:


I had to chase a bunch of villagers out of the area because the Decepticons were attacking, then had to protect Optimus Prime's body. There were a shitload of us out there. The food and catering was awesome. A lot of downtime. Just like a deployment. I did an interview for the DVD. We will see if that is on it too. The asked me a bunch of questions about the military. The autobots are behind me on top of a sand dune. I did a GM plug. They liked that. Micheal Bay loves the military. I got to speak with him very briefly. He gets so angry on set at the actors but doesn't dare yell or demean the military. It was a trip. He said something to me like do you want a job as a DA (Directors Assistant), I said hell yeah. He was getting pissed at his DA. His DA was like trust me you dont want this job. I have two closeup shots if they do decide to put them in the movie. One was walking with the camera on the tracks going along with me but at a slower pace. The camera was right on the side of my face following me but at a slower rate. There were two others behind me. The other close up was while I was defending from a corner of a building on one knee. The boom camera went from the ground to over head of us all. I was up front in the scene. The camera came up to my face then began to ascend over the area. It was pretty cool. Another scene was Optimus getting dropped off by a chinook. I had to run up to the area then stop as Optimus was getting dropped. Another was with Josh and Tyrese when they argue with The President on the flightline. I am in the background. As much time as I spent filming (9-10 hours a day for 4 days) I hope I am seen at least once. Hell I'll be happy to be on teh DVD.


Er sagt also, dass die US Streitkräfte Primes Körper beschützen, und das er von einem Chinook Transporthelikopter abgeworfen wird.


Es bleibt also immer noch Spannend, was die Story des neuen Blockbusters angeht!



Quelle:Transformers Live Action Movie Blog


Disskision: hier.

Wird Prime tatsächlich sterben?!

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