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Tyrese Gibson doch nicht in The Last Knight

TF-The Movie 5 Allen Gerüchten entgegen, wurde jetzt bekannt, das Tyrese Gibson aka “Epps” doch nicht in Transformers The Last Knight zu sehen ist. Er hat auf gesagt warum.

“I’m not in the next one,” he explained. “So the truth is when we were shooting Fast 8, I closed my deal for Transformers 5, and I was supposed to go from Fast 8 to T5.

“But because they shot a lot of the movie in Europe, my schedule didn’t allow for me to go from Atlanta to London in between those days.

“I mean, I was p****d. The goal was for me and Josh Duhamel to come back and surprise the fans, that two of the guys from the original Transformers were back. Josh Duhamel was available and I wasn’t. So I was p****d.”


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Tyrese Gibson doch nicht in The Last Knight

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