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Transformers Titans Return Nautica

TF-Generations Jetzt zeigen wir euch die ersten Bilder von Transformers Titans Return Nautica. Hasbro Pulse schreibt dazu:

Brilliant, well-read, and just as handy with a blaster as a set of tools, Nautica may not have the social skills some of the other Autobots have, but that doesn’t curb her sparkle.

Quick origin:
Originally from the colony Caminus, Nautica—along with her pals Chromia and Windblade—found herself dreaming bigger than her home could contain. She ended up on the Lost Light, a vessel that acts as a refuge for dreamers, misfits, and Transformers wanderers.

What makes her so special?

A gifted student in virtually all subjects, Nautica possesses a wealth of information. Besides cartography, moral philosophy, and quantum mechanics, Nautica is becoming extremely well versed on the history of Cybertron. Always an optimistic dreamer, Nautica is a staple on the Lost Light, and teaches as much as she learns.

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Update: Hier ist ein Bild von der Umbauanleitung der Figur.


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Transformers Titans Return Nautica

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