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Transformers Legends Mobile Game - Das nächste Event

TF-Allgemein Heute haben wir die Vorschau zum nächsten Event im Transformers Legends Mobile Game. Es heißt Circuit Breaker.

Campaign Episode: Circuit Breaker!

Fearing that Scattershot and his band of brothers will combine into Computron, Hun-Gurrr positions his Terrorcons for an ambush. Sinnertwin is in position to attack both Nosecone and Strafe and as a back up a plan; the Terrorcons can always combine into the rampaging Abominous!
With a quick strike, the Terrocons descend upon the Technobots, preventing them from combining. The victor of this fracas holds the key to an unsuspecting Autobot City! Scattershot sends Afterburner out to call for reinforcements, but will they arrive in time?
Find out in TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS – “Circuit Breaker!”

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Transformers Legends Mobile Game - Das nächste Event

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