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Power of the Primes Hun-Gurr

TF-Generations Jetzt können wir euch neue Bilder vom Power of the Primes Hun-Gurr zeigen. Man sieht ihn hier das erste mal im Torso Mode.

Hun-grrr is a pretty solid figure though he isn’t without flaws... his fists in robot mode don’t really peg into place in a solid way, and his legs are hollow from behind, which I hate. Also, the decals applied to his outer thighs appear to cover some plastic details. Positives - His two-headed dragon mode looks pretty good, and the torso mode snaps together very solidly. Overall I say he is worth picking up.

1518320983-hun-gurrr-01 1518320984-hun-gurrr-02 1518320984-hun-gurrr-03 1518320984-hun-gurrr-04 1518320985-hun-gurrr-05 1518320985-hun-gurrr-06 1518320985-hun-gurrr-07 1518320986-hun-gurrr-09


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Power of the Primes Hun-Gurr

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